The Season

Together with photographer Mikkel Adsbøl, I have for nearly a year worked hard on our new book The Season Created by Scandinavian Artists. It was therefore a great pleasure to receive the finished result from the printers earlier this week. You can buy the book right here – and please let me know if you want it signed and wrapped.

The books are now ready to be shipped to retailers (bookstores and interior shops) across Scandinavia, but you can already now purchase it right here. I will soon start concentrating on creating PR for the book and begin to look for distribution possibilities for the rest of the world.

Here is a bit about the book:

Christmas is without a doubt the highlight of the year. This festive part of the winter season is thoroughly celebrated, gathering friends and family alike on numerous occasions. Some of us go all-in with Christmas decorations from the first Sunday of Advent. Others decorate gradually, so that more and more indoor and outdoor decorations sneak in throughout the Christmas period. Lights, stars, wreaths, angels, ribbons, pinecones and flowers, and to top it all, the Christmas tree in all its ornamental glory.

Within this book, you are invited into twelve homes, belonging to creative Scandinavians. The book will inspire you, and perhaps even help you evolve some Christmas ideas and techniques of your own. You will see how to make beautiful and imaginative décor by bringing nature into your winter living space, or cutting and pasting using paper, wallpaper and textiles. There will be table settings, gift wrapping, and numerous recipes for traditional Christmas temptations.  

To begin with, you will be provided with a brief introduction to the Scandinavian Christmas. Along the way, I will delve deeper into a variety of Nordic Christmas traditions. You will, among other things, get the stories behind Advent, Decorations, Gifts, Lucia, Light, Calenders, what we eat and drink during December and of course the Christmas tree. All themes are beautifully illustrated by Sofia Lynggaard Normann and all images are shot by Mikkel Adsbøl.

Behind the graphic design is Sophie Klerk and the book has been translated in to english by Becca Shaw Frandsen.

Hopefully the book will be the ideal Christmas gift for interior lovers across the world.

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