We Danes have traditionally spent a lot of time and effort on our homes and interiors. The often cold climate and long dark winters naturally mean spending many hours indoors, which is why we so appreciate a cosy and beautiful interior ambience. Despite our long design history, I find that most people I visit tend to live rather similarly – with a neutral colour palette, sombre lighting, an abundance of too many indifferent items and furniture that is out of proportion and style to their space and architecture.

It is remarkable that so many live so impersonally, in homes which look more like the display spaces one might
see in various home furnishing stores, and in no way reflecting the person who actually lives there. I feel that a home is far more interesting if the décor clearly mirrors who lives there. It can be a colourful home; a home filled with art, books or other exciting finds and collections; or a home that is completely minimalistic. This isn’t about ugly, nice or even a specific style. It’s more about moods.

My own philosophy for interior designing is that by creating an atmosphere with your décor, you automatically have a personal home. A good starting point in the quest for designing a cosy and beautiful setting is to adapt to your surrounding architecture and nature. To understand your own style is tantamount to interior designing with that ever-important personal touch. And finding your own individual style can be a difficult and confusing journey. With this book I guide you, with the help of moodboards, to discover and develop your own personal style. By showing how to create moodboards, I explain what they can be used for, and how you can work on them.

In the book you are also invited into nine carefully chosen beautiful and cosy homes, belonging to people who have truly grasped the art of creating personal ambience. Along the journey, you will also learn a range of my best interior design tips – such as the art of restraint, patterns and colour palettes; the proportion of furniture, lighting, curtains, carpets; and not least the personal impression you can apply to your design with works of art.

Homeowners: Katrine Martensen-Larsen, Thomas Schlosser Svendsen, Malou Karberg, Henrik Kjær Christiansen, Marie-Louise Warley Kjær, Signe Toft, Sille Jarner & Niels Gammelgaard, Jannik Martensen-Larsen and Kira Brandt. Photograhpy: Kira Brandt, Graphic design: Julie Secher Kau, Translation: Becca Shaw Frandsen.

Specifications: Published: May 2018. Volume: 21 x 29 cm, 272 pages, richly illustrated. Paper: Munken Lynx (FSC-certified). Binding: Brillianta (FSC-certified). Printers: Narayana Press. Publisher: Lannoo Publishers. ISBN: 978-94-014-6183-2. Recommended retail price: DKR 299,-. Language: English.

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