Bijoy Jains bæredygtige hus

Synes lige I skulle se lidt flere billeder fra den indiske arkitekt Bijoy Jains eget hus i Mumbai i Indien.  Bijoy Jain er uddannet arkitekt fra Bombay og Washington University i St. Louis i USA. Han grundlagde sit designfirma Studio Mumbai i 1995 og har undervist flere steder i udlandet, blandt andet på Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi for Arkitektur. I 2012 vandt han den prestigefyldte pris: The International Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award.

Bijoy Jain's house02 _Francesca Molteni

Bijoy Jain's house03 _Francesca Molteni Bijoy Jain's house04 _Francesca Molteni Bijoy Jain's house05 _Francesca Molteni Bijoy Jain's house06 _Francesca Molteni Bijoy Jain's house07 _Francesca Molteni Bijoy Jain's house08 _Francesca Molteni Bijoy Jain's house09 _Francesca Molteni Bijoy Jain's house10 _Francesca Molteni Bijoy Jain's house11 _Francesca Molteni Bijoy Jain's house12 _Francesca Molteni Bijoy Jain's house13 _Francesca Molteni Bijoy Jain's house14 _Francesca Molteni Bijoy Jain's house15 _Francesca Molteni Bijoy Jain's house16 _Francesca Molteni Bijoy Jain's house17 _Francesca Molteni Bijoy Jain's house18 _Francesca Molteni Bijoy Jain's portrait _Studio Mumbai Studio Mumbai-Bijoy Jain _Francesca Molteni

Photos by Francesca Moltini

Studio Mumbai is a community of skilled carpenters, craftsmen and architects. They design, build and maintain the buildings themselves in interaction with each other. A working community with over one hundred professionals has gradually developed a working method based on materials research, and pattern models and drawings, combining in an excellent way traditional craftsmanship with architecture that brilliantly uses very little resources. The employees work together to find the sustainable solutions that the architecture require. The work of Studio Mumbai is characterized by solidarity with the working community, growing into a mutual respect for people representing different religions and cultures through shared work, as well applying principles of ecological construction.

The work of Studio Mumbai is characterised by social responsibility for the working community, mutual respect for people representing different religions and cultures, as well applying principles of ecological construction. Bijoy Jain’s efforts to coordinate culture-bound values, traditional working methods and modern life with the requirements of architecture are manifested in Studio Mumbai’s work. Wooden beams from demolished buildings take on a new life as the building blocks of architecture. Alongside recycled teak and mahogany, carpenters work with local laurel wood.