Studio Fuksas in Rome

Studio Fuksas, led by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, is an international architectural practice with offices in Rome, Paris and Shenzhen. The practice employs around 170 professionals, including architects, designers, modellers, landscapers and graphic designers. Below a couple of images from their cool studio in Rome:

Studio 1 Studio 2

And here some images from their private house, as shown at the “Where Architects Live” exhibition in Milan:

01__ Aki Furudate 02__ Aki Furudate 03__ Aki Furudate 04__ Aki Furudate 05__ Aki Furudate 07__ Aki Furudate

Photos by Ari Fukudate

Below the couple themselves:

Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas1 _Fabio Lovino

Photos by Fabio Lovino

With built projects across Europe, Asia and North America, Studio Fuksas is characterized by an innovative approach as well as interdisciplinary skills and experiences consolidated over three decades through the design of: masterplans, offices, residential buildings, infrastructures, cultural centres, leisure centres, retail developments, hotels, shopping malls, public buildings, interior design and product design. Every stage of each project, from concept to planning to construction, is carried out in close contact with the Client.

Depending on the peculiarities of each project, a teamwork is created and co-ordinated by a project-manager that interacts with professional engineering consultants under the direction of Massimiliano Fuksas. Regular internal meetings are aimed at discussing on-going projects as well as promoting dialogue, creativity and common solutions. The planning phase makes use of a models room technologically equipped for the construction of multiple scale architectural models in different materials to provide an effective tool for both an overall and highly detailed display of the project.