Living With Art – From Creator to Collector No.1

I am proud to announce, that our new art and interior book Living With Art – From Creator to Collector is out now. The book is the first volume in a series of several. Below you can get a sneak peak and read much more about it. Jump over to my shop if you wish to purchase a copy – right here.

About the book:
This book takes you on private visits to ten Danish contemporary artists, where we are allowed behind-the-scenes insight into the creative process. We see both ongoing and completed works, the materials, tools and thought processes used. Through conversations with the artists, we are party to their own stories as to why they became artists, and how they arrived to where they are today. What consumes them? What drives them? What inspires them?

After each artist portrait, we are welcomed inside the individual homes of true art collectors. Some are vibrant and colourful. Others are monochrome and more subdued. Some are very feminine while others exude masculinity. The common denominator is that they are brimming with art and that everything has been thought through. They also happen to have a work by the artist we have just visited. We ask what art means to them and show how they align themselves with the pieces.

The Danish art scene is completely unique. Being free to pose critical questions makes art an area from which discussions begin and attitudes are broken. This can hone our commonplace understanding of the world in which we live. Art reflects great and current events on the world stage. Situations such as the climate crisis, migration, political polarization and pandemics resonate within us. All is pertinent to art right now.

We discuss this with artists and collectors alike, and take it a step further, as we also invite a number of people with artistic knowhow to contribute to the book, expressing their views on the interdependence between creator and collector and how we live with art in Scandinavia.

Quotes from the book:

“Our overall aim with this book has been to fascinate, inspire and seduce. To tease the reader’s senses, whether you are complete novices in the art world or seasoned art connoisseurs. We want to help you to gain confidence and trust your instinct. We show not only how art comes to be, but where it ends up and continues its journey. A life cycle of art, if you will. We have high hopes that this book is merely the first volume in a series of several.”
Katrine Martensen-Larsen, Author

“It isn’t just about how furniture and art are chosen and arranged; it is about creating a relaxed and sophisticated way of inhabiting space that doesn’t treat art and design as precious objects but as pieces to live amongst. All of the profiles and photos in this book perfectly illustrate this approach. Whether traditional, rustic, modern or contemporary, every interior bears a luxurious simplicity that could only be Scandinavian.”
Todd Bishop, Former Senior Deputy Director of The Museum of Modern Art, New York

“A life without art is practically unthinkable. If I had to imagine living without it, the world would lack a
powerful and wonderful cathedral, that breaks down boundaries in our lives and even changes one’s outlook on life. In the manner of a lookout tower where one gets the chance to look out across over the trivial, to glimpse sensual moments of immersion into what you do not necessarily ever manage full insight of. It helps to keep art alive. Dead art is not art. It is dead.”
Adam Schnack, Collector

“When you are not only introverted and shy by nature, but also a sensual person unable to express yourself verbally, you can do so through art.”
Evren Tekinoktay, Creator

“In recent years, the interior design trend has ranged from lightness and pale hues to deep, dark jewel-like colours and heavy textiles. Now, there’s a free for all in the colour spectrum. Five years ago we didn’t see many pink kitchens and striped walls, but now anything’s up for grabs. Experiencing the various collectors’ homes in this book, where art plays such a big role in such completely different ways is wonderful for me. It tells me how true to themselves the residents are, in that their homes express their personality. A private home must always let us be ourselves and meet our needs. This must be at the centre of our interior design choices.”
Frederikke Aagaard, Architect MAA, TV host and Partner in Together Architecture

“With their fascination with the creative creators, patrons do shape the history of art. We can also thank collectors who are living at the present time – for this. Even though they sometimes seem to be manically driven, they have sometimes ambitiously rescued artists. And the collectors have brought forth unique collections and promoted the cultural heritage, for the benefit of all of us, especially when they’ve donated their art pieces and erected museums all over the world.”
Natalia Gutman, Art Historian

“Quite simply, art adds that extra layer and dimension. It makes your interior space more interesting, vibrant and personal. Everyone can paint with similar colour palettes, and try to design beautiful homes, but it’s practically impossible to find an identical version of work, painting or sculpture. A home without art seems naked somehow.”
Jannik Martensen-Larsen, Owner at Tapet-Cafe

Below a list of participants in the book:

Creators: John Kørner, Evren Tekinoktay, Josefine Winding, Sophie Klerk, Jacob Egeberg, Sara Martinsen, Cathrine Raben Davidsen, Mie Olise Kjærgaard, Ask Emil Skovgaard and Naja Utzon Popov. Collectors: Nadia Olive and Adam Schnack, Bo Bech, The Darling, Anne Aarsland and Christian Dubois, Peter Amby and Caroline of Rosenborg, Louise and Bjarke Vind Normann, Sara Lysgaard, Ann-Birgitte and Ole Gregersen, Thomas Schlosser Svendsen and Katrine Martensen-Larsen. Contributors: Todd Bishop, Frederikke Aagaard, Natalia Gutman and Jannik Martensen-Larsen. Photograhpy: Mikkel Adsbøl, Graphic design: Kiosk Studio, Translation: Becca Shaw Frandsen.

Specifications: Published: Ultimo October 2021. Volume: 24 x 31 cm, 352 pages, richly illustrated
Paper: Munken Lynx (FSC-certified). Binding: Brillianta Van Heek (FSC-certified). Printers: Narayana Press. Publisher: KML Design. ISBN: 978-87-971927-1-9. Recommended retail price: DKR 499,-. Language: English.

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